2020 Women's Fund Donors 

The Women’s Fund of Door County sincerely thanks all who have supported our mission by attending our events, volunteering time and talent, and making financial contributions. You are a much-appreciated part of our success!

The list below reflects cash gifts and/or pledges received in 2020.
A listing of our generous 2021 donors can be found here: 2021 Women's Fund Donors

Visionaries ($10,000-$24,999)

Patricia Schneider


Leaders ($5,000-$9,999)

Kerley Family Fund

Bev & Tom Lisle Fund

Skinner Family Fund

The Marti Spittell Ziegelbauer Foundation

Mentors ($2,500-$4,999)

Patti Jo Hedeen

Nicolet National Bank

John and Wendy Tinnon

Patsy and Eric Vollrath Fund


Advocates ($1,000-$2,499)

F. Thomas Ament Fund

Scott and Heidi Bader

Quin and Doris Barrett

Nancy T and David A Borghesi Fund

Gisela Brogan

Cassidy Family Fund

Door County Eye Associates Inc.

Door County Retreat, LLC

Wendell and Shanna Ellsworth

Michael and Orlaine Gabert

Ann Glessner

Patrick & Beatrice Haggerty Foundation

Justus and Katherine Hedeen

Hislop Charitable Lead Trust

Ronald and Pamela Maloney

Michael and Ann Morgan Philanthropy Fund

Mary Moster

Jeremy O'Brien

The Palmer Foundation

Barbara Perloff

John and Jane Stevenson

Tom and Mary Torinus Fund

Michael and Terry Wickman


Sustainers ($500 - $999)

Linda Berns

Diane Carr

Doorstep Charitable Fund Of Fidelity Charitable

Ecology Sports

Patrick and Diane Ford

Ms. Nancy Goldberg and Dr. James Hoehn

Timothy and Barbara Graul

Green Door Thrift, LLC

Ann Harty & Christa Hartmann

PJ Hedeen & Children Foundation Inc.

Judy Hollingshead

Cynthia and Albert Johnson

Robert and Martha Judd

Keller Planners

Marsha and Tom Kerley

Lautenbach's Orchard Country, Inc.

Maxwell's House, Inc.

Mary and Francis McCormack

Mark and Jennifer Moeller

Mutchler Family Fund

Keith and Sherry Mutchler

Steven and Kaaren Northrop

John and Deborah Perloff

Piggly Wiggly Sister Bay

Dr. George H. Roenning and Mrs. Kristi Roenning

Kirk & Donna Scattergood Family Foundation

Dan and Lisa Lavoie

Sturgeon Bay Utilities

Cheryl Surbaugh

The United Methodist Church Of Sturgeon Bay

Sheila Turner

John And Peggy Zimdars Foundation

Supporters ($250-$499)

Joanne Ator

Debra and Michael Brophy

James and Barbara Bunning

R. David and La Vonne Callsen

Lawrence and Cynthia Crock

Christine Crowley

Robert C. Davis III

Marsell Fults

Denise Grogan

Nichole Hedeen

Michaela and Mark Holey

Margaret Larsen

Midwest Wire Products, LLC

Peggy Nelson

David Robinson

Catherine Siegel

True North Real Estate

Kathi Whiteside

Partners ($100-$249)

Dean and Susan Anschutz

Stephanie Baer

Jean Barrett

Susie Becker

Paul and Kirby Bouthilet

Christine Bridenhagen

Brilliant Marketing Communication

Paula Cashin and Susan Bishop

William and Cheryl Chaudoir

Betty and Dave Chomeau Charitable Fund

Cizek Family Trust

Meredith Coulson-Kanter

CR Welding

Door County Fire Company

Eagle Mechanical, Inc.

Diane Evenson

Janis Falk

Flanders Field Of Art

Kathryn A. Fulwiler

Michael and Orlaine Gabert Charitable Fund

Larry and Barbara Goldberg

William and Kathleen Grady

James and Barbara Hansen

Laird Hart

Gary and Joann Henger

Jane and Bill Hensge

Leon and Susan Hoffmann

Robert and Rebecca Hoover

Michael and Marcia Hosni

Jason Feldman Landscapes, LLC

George and Laura Joeckel

Annika Johnson

Richard and Carolyn Jones

Mary Jo Jump

Deborah and John Kiedrowski

Lucy Kile

Diane D. Knutson

Robert and Alaine Kufrin

Connie and Chris Larsen

Charles and Estella Lauter

Margaret Lott

Margaret Madel

Brian and Sara Maloney

William L. and Beth Maloney

Jeri McClure

Laura Murray

On Deck Clothing Company, Inc.

Sandra Ott

Frank and Kathleen Pammer

Annika Paulsen

Shawn and Karen Peterson

Karen L. Reifsnyder

Marianne and Paul Roppuld

Runaway Lodge at Valmy, LLC

Samara Jewelry Designs

Madeleine M. Sargent

James and Diane Sarosiek

John and Jacquelynn Sawyer

William and Mary Jo Schaars

Carl and Ruth Scholz

Thomas and Margaret Schueppert

Larry and Frances Skaff

Janet Slater

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Stemper

Kevin and Michelle Sternard

Ruth H. Stewart

C. T. and Susan Stone

Dr. and Ms. John Swanson

The Cookery, Inc.

Daniel and Mariann Valosek

Mark and Lucia Voreis

Katherin Weishaar

Matthew Wheeler

John and Karen Wilcox

Jerry L. Zaug




James and Linda Adams

David and Elizabeth Arts

Gary and Karen Bellin

Jeraldene B. Bloom

Beverly Branson

Rachel Broeren

Rachel M. Broeren and M Madelon Boyles

Michael and Dorothy Dybas

D Todd Ehlers and Cynthia Zellner-Ehlers

James Gasper

Cynthia Germain

Martha Glessner

Paul and Jane Graf

Cathy Grier

Lois Hall

Deborah Harris

Gary and Deborah Jones

Paul and Diane Kelnhofer

Sarah Meredith

Thomas and Elaine Mulligan

Karin Overbeck

Carey Petersilka

Anna Quale

Nancy Sargent

Steven and Deborah Schaefer

John and Margaret Shine

Laura Anne Smith

John and Jane Stevenson Charitable Fund

Rosemary Stuebi

Mike and Carrol Toneys

Thomas and Barbara Voegele

Eric & Patricia Vollrath

Phillip and Audrey Waitkus

Carolyn Waxler

Wilke Orthodontics, Ltd

Deb Whitelaw Gorski



We sincerely apologize if we inadvertently neglected to include you or listed your name incorrectly. If we have made an error, please contact us immediately so we can correct our oversight in future publications of this list of generous donors.