The Women’s Fund of Door County is a permanent source of funding for organizations that are positively impacting the lives of women and girls in Door County. With your generosity, our endowment allows us to grant $100,000 every year, minimum, to charities that benefit women and girls in Door County.


Every year, approximately $35,000 is distributed annually through our existing process.

Every three years we award approximately $200,000 in the form of a single Community Collaborative grant. This new process will offer nonprofits the opportunity to work collaboratively beyond their usual scope to creatively and proactively address issues resulting in systemic social change. 

On average more that 95% of every dollar donated to the Women's Fund goes to local grants or is invested for future giving.

The Women’s Fund of Door County operates as a component fund of the Door County Community Foundation Inc. Through this partnership, the Women’s Fund is able to minimize its administrative costs and maximize the amount available to help ensure that women and girls thrive in Door County.

Because the Women’s Fund is a component fund of the Door County Community Foundation (a 501(c)(3) public charity), your gift generally qualifies for maximum charitable benefit and tax deduction under state and federal law.

Bunching charitable gifts to the Women's Fund of Door County is an incredibly powerful tax planning tool. Talk with your professional wealth or tax advisor to determine whether bunching charitable gifts might be a good tax planning tool for your unique situation.




The Women’s Fund of Door County sincerely thanks all who have supported our mission by attending our events, volunteering time and talent, and making financial contributions. You are a much-appreciated part of our success!

The list below reflects cash gifts and/or pledges received in 2022.
Our generous 2021 donors can be found here: 2021 Women's Fund Donors.


We sincerely apologize if we inadvertently neglected to include you or listed your name incorrectly. If we have made an error, please contact us immediately so we can correct our oversight in future publications of this list of generous donors.