The Women’s Fund honors Bridgett Starr as a Door County Shero!

When I think of a “Shero” I think of a strong, humbled, confident, classy, bad*ss, feminist. Without a doubt, Bridgett Starr is the woman that I picture in my mind. She embodies all of those qualities, and so many more. Bridgett’s 2020 began by welcoming her 5th adorable child, Parker Elm. There was not much that could bring her down from that high of bringing one of the most loving and affectionate little beings into this world. Shortly after that, Bridgett had got wind of Covid, she didn’t write it off as a hoax, she didn’t panic and run out and purchase a trunk load of toilet paper either. Bridgett started planning how she was going to be able to manage this pandemic within all of her roles, as a mother, a co-parent, a sibling, a daughter, a friend, a lender, a co-worker, and as an employee. Bridgett and her children’s father made the joint decision that it would be best if the children were to stay with her once the schools had shut down. Their dad works for DCMC and is classified as essential, they knew that the safest decision would be for the children to stay with Bridgett full-time, so that Andy (dad) could do his part to help provide PPE for employees of the hospital. During that time, Bridgett was able to be a full-time mother and teacher of children ages 17,15, 12, 9, and 2 months old, while also working full-time from home. While most people in this situation would most likely have panicked at the thought of taking on so much, Bridgett was grateful for the quality time with her children, and eager to get back to her career and do what she loves.


In life you often meet a few close people who you would consider to be your person, the one you go to for advice, the one who is always there to listen, the one who will ease your worries just by speaking. Bridgett is that person to so many people, whether it be as a mom, co-parent, daughter, friend, employee, co-worker or lender.


In closing, during a time when the future is not clear, I am so fortunate to have a person like Bridgett to look up to and to be inspired by. She is constantly shaping and influencing the minds of the community by sending the message that kindness, dignity and being genuine are at most times all that you need to make a difference and bring people together.

Thank you, Bridgett!